Making HR about your people

Staff management

A personal approach to HR is essential to meeting employees’ complex needs and ensuring their commitment to a business. Remuneration isn’t always the key to retaining staff. Work/Life balance, flexibility, trust in the systems and peers around them, being part of the overall ecosystem at a personal level, and how their role forms part of the wider organisation are as important in today’s leading businesses.

Hybrid HR acts as an independent broker that enables staff to trust in any engagement process and communicates the business’s position to achieve its goals.

HR and employee management

We’ll act as your HR manager or support your current HR team and provide consultancy and support at the point of need.

Hybrid HR will advise on what your business can offer, what that means within the legal HR framework, and what controls, policies, and assurances you can seek to ensure that business objectives are met. We balance employees’ requirements and business demands to align the staff’s journey and business journey.

Empowering staff and staff training

We enable teams within a business to thrive by acting as the lynchpin between staff, management, and Directors. We support new managers and management teams by training them to use the systems and tools we have provided to manage their staff.

With over 20 years of legal and business experience, we can quickly ascertain what’s required and how to manage issues. A personable, reactive, and detailed consultant, Daniel Meyer-Lopez provides directorial HR management and works well with staff at all levels to achieve common goals.

Recruiting and attracting Staff

We’ll work with you to develop a recruitment strategy to attract the people you need within your business. We work with specialist recruiters to find specialist roles. We’ll help you position the aspects of your business, such as the culture, flexible working, remuneration, and benefits, to form an approach that tips recruiting the best staff in your favour.

Frequently Asked Questions.

Consider employee value propositions around culture, benefits, and career progression.

Provide training, set goals/targets, and offer mentoring relationships to help people.

Track patterns using software, address employee issues and follow the process if sickness worsens or performance suffers.

Maintain contact, consider adjustments or a phased return, and seek medical advice on the ability to continue in their role.

Getting started

We work with you on-site, remotely by phone or e-mail or in the background. We are fast, direct, and responsive to the needs of fast-paced organisations and SMEs across various sectors including Construction, Hospitality, Professional services, Recycling and Estate agencies to name but a few.


As an independent HR consultant, we provide one-off support in any aspect of HR.

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On-demand allows Hybrid HR to advise on requirements during intense periods and drop back in quieter times.

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This allows businesses to plan and ensure we’ll be available to suit your needs, whether that’s on-site, at the end of the phone or online, as required.

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