Contracts of Employment & Company Handbooks

As an employer, if you don’t already have contracts and a company handbook, this is where you need to start. We can help you get these in place, ensuring they are compliant and legally sound.

A contract of employment is a legal requirement. You must provide one on or before day one of an employee starting to work for you. If you don’t, your employee can bring a claim against you.

Company handbooks are also a vital part of building good foundations. This resource should be available to all staff so they can clearly understand what is expected of them. It offers them important information, such as what they need to do if they are sick and need to be absent from work if the children are ill or if they are pregnant or want to adopt. It outlines all company policies, including social media and electronic devices, and ensures you have communicated your expectations and requirements.

Frequently Asked Questions.

Typically, we meet each week for the first period of work or until we resolve the most pressing issues within your business. Once we establish a plan we usually meet each month to ensure you’re on track. Each quarter we will have take some more time to set targets and assess the previous quarter.

Why Us?

We are a strong, independent voice that provides concise, assured advice. We support your team to feel enabled to deal with whatever circumstance arises, and they have the best legal advice and tools to deal with it. We are flexible and reactive to your day-to-day needs, helping you take a measured approach to delivering your businesses’ strategic ambitions.

With decades of experience, we customise our skill sets to progress your business’s development, provide the framework for your HR structural requirements, and nurture the talent and culture your business needs to deliver a personalised, bespoke strategy to achieve your goals.

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