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At Hybrid HR & Employment we provide an end to end HR and Employment law service.

From the early stages of onboarding new members of staff up to, if required redundancy and TUPE consultations or representation for your business at employment tribunals.

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Building a healthy and sustainable culture for your employees takes time and effort, but is incredibly rewarding. However, it’s important to get the basics right, first. 

Ensuring you’ve got proper contracts in place for every employee, as well as an appropriate Employee Handbook, are the first place to start. Without these both you as the employer, and your employees, are vulnerable. 

Hybrid HR can work with you to make sure that you’ve covered the essentials, and you have a firm foundation on which to start building that fantastic work culture that will help you attract the right talent, and keep them.

Daniel Meyer Lopez

Founded by a qualified solicitor with over 20 years experience, Hybrid HR aims to offer the best outsourced employment advice for businesses of all sizes.

As experienced HR Consultants, we love to help businesses with all aspects of people management, and offer the flexibility to work with your business on one off projects, ad hoc cases or even on a monthly retainer basis where you will receive continuous support for all your HR & employment law needs.

Promote Honesty, Integrity & Trust

We give our word and keep our commitments. We believe in honesty, fairness and respect.

Excellent Customer Service

Our goal is that our clients experience excellent service, with personalised support to provide top quality results.

Here at Hybrid HR & Employment we understand that all too often, businesses only realise they need HR support when something goes wrong. By this point, the situation can be messy, and potentially expensive for the business owner to deal with.

When you get the fundamentals in place from the outset, and have the right people to guide you, many of these issues can be minimised, if not avoided altogether.

We offer a wide range of HR and Employment Law services which are designed to help you get the foundations right, and move forward in a positive, compliant, and supportive way. We’re also here for you should something go wrong, and you find yourself needing some extra advice and support.

Working with the right HR consultant will help you to not only protect your business, but to get the most out of your staff.

Contracts of Employment and Company Handbooks

As an employer, if you don’t already have contracts and a company handbook in place, this is where you need to start. We can help you to get these in place, ensuring that they are compliant and legally sound.

A contract of employment is a legal requirement. You must provide one on or before day 1 of an employee starting to work for you. If you don’t, your employee is entitled to bring a claim against you.

Company handbooks are also a vitally important part of building good foundations. This is a resource that should be available to all staff, so that they can clearly understand what is expected of them. It offers them important information such as what they need to do if they are sick and need to be absent from work, if the children are ill, or if they are pregnant or want to adopt. It lays out all of the company policies, including use of social media and electronic devices, and ensures that you have clearly communicated your expectations and requirements. 


Disciplinary and Grievances

Even when you’ve taken all of the right steps, and done your best to navigate the challenges of HR, sometimes the employer / employee relationship isn’t as smooth as you might like. Every person is different, and it’s inevitable that sometimes issues will crop up. That’s why it’s important to have policies in place, so that both sides know where they stand if the road gets rocky. 

No-one enjoys disciplinaries or grievances but as long as you have a clear process in place, both parties will know exactly what to expect.

Hybrid HR & Employment will help you to get those processes right, and offer specific guidance when an issue arises.


Employee Sickness

Everyone gets sick at some point. That’s why it’s important to have a fair and consistent policy in place, so that staff know who to contact and what support they will be given in the event of an absence due to sickness. 

If an employee needs to be absent for a prolonged time on long-term sickness, it’s essential to have processes in place so that the employee feels looked after, and all parties understand how the period of sickness will be managed. We can also help you with return to work and illness capability meetings.

Hybrid HR & Employment can help you to develop robust policies, and also support you in the decision making and planning should you be faced with an unexpected situation.


Maternity, Paternity, Adoption and Parental Leave

Starting a family is both exciting and nerve-wracking. With the correct policies in place, you can offer your staff reassurance by communicating exactly what time they can take off, what process they have to follow and what pay they will receive. 

It’s also important to note that in the early days employees may not want to tell their manager that they are pregnant or are adopting, so it’s important that they can review the policies at their own leisure. 

We’ll help you to put those policies in place, and make sure that you are compliant and fair.


Training For Managers

Not everyone is equipped with the experience and knowledge necessary for being in a leadership position. That doesn’t mean they lack potential, they just need to be given the tools. 

Dealing with absence, lateness and sickness can be daunting for anyone new to a management role. Hybrid HR & Employment can provide tailored training to your managers and rising stars so that they have the tools to equip them to manage their teams. This means that you can be confident that your staff are being managed consistently.


TUPE Transfers

If a business is being bought or sold, it’s important to be aware of the rights of any staff who work there. 

If the business is going to be essentially the same after it’s sold, then it’s very likely that TUPE will apply. This means that you have to take on the staff who currently work for the business. It is a very complex area of Employment Legislation and if you get it wrong, it can be very costly. Our expertise in employment law means we are best placed to guide you through this.


Guidance and advice for ACAS early conciliation

Including advice on settling employment claims

If you are faced with an employment tribunal claim, the first step is for the employee/former-employee to contact the Advisory Conciliation & Arbitration Service (ACAS). 

ACAS will try to resolve the issue without it going all the way to a hearing before the Employment Tribunal. We can help navigate through the ACAS process, advising you on the risks, and offering our guidance on whether to settle the claim at the early stage.


Drafting Employment Tribunal Documents

If a claim is brought against you, there are certain steps you must take, within a certain time limit, to avoid a judgment against you. We can review the claim against you and make sure that an appropriate response is put into the Tribunal in time. 

We’ll talk you through what to expect, and offer clear guidance on the process.

Representation at Employment Tribunals

If you do find yourself needing to face an employment tribunal, it could be a worrying and stressful time. Many employers don’t know what to say, and are afraid of doing or saying the wrong thing. 

At Hybrid HR & Employment, we have many years’ experience of the litigation process, specialising in employment law. We have the right expertise and knowledge to represent you at your hearing, so that all the issues are covered and that you have the best chance of putting your case forward. 


Settlement Agreements

A settlement agreement is a document which ends the employment relationship. This is usually used where there is an ongoing issue and both the employer and employee want to move on. We can draft settlement agreements for you, or advise on the best options if an employee wants to end the relationship.


What our clients have to say

Transform Fitness

I recently had to make a tough  (but correct) decision to terminate one of my staff for a long period of underperformance. So I asked Dan for help. You can instantly tell that Dan is an absolute expert in this field and knows exactly what he is talking about. Along with he’s caring demeanour, Dan really put my mind at ease, making a horrible task a lot less stressful. I would not hesitate to recommend Dan to anyone with HR needs. Thank you for your brilliant service Dan!

Mark Poole


Bloom Bar & Bistro

We have worked with Dan at Hybrid HR for a few months now and I honestly can’t recommend them enough. The first thing Dan did was ensure that we are fully compliant with our contracts and Company Handbook and since then has walked us through several disciplinary procedures from start to finish. They are always on the end of the phone or email whenever we need their advice and are an absolute pleasure to work with, nothing is ever too much trouble. Thank you Hybrid HR, we look forward to working with you in the future!

Charlotte McGreggor


Marsden Rawsthorn Solicitors

I would 100% recommend Daniel to anybody in need of HR advice or support. He is really easy to get in touch with, extremely knowledgeable and very thorough. Daniel really has made HR issues so much easier to deal with and his fees are very reasonable for the service that he delivers.

Natalie Brookfield

Practice Manager

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