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Our services have been curated to support your business’s growth. Compliance and HR legalities are the backbone of services that run through everything we do. Once this is in place, you will have a solid foundation. We can help provide that extra support to find and nurture talent, support team building, and engage with your staff on a cyclical basis, from giving performance reviews to handling broader employee engagement to support your managers and provide checkpoints to monitor the health of your business and the contentment of your staff.

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HR Compliance &
Employment Law

We provide the compliance, policies and contracts that provide the latest regulatory rigour required to ensure your business has the necessary legal foundation.

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A personal approach, clarity, and great communication are essential to meeting employees’ complex needs. Remuneration isn’t always the key to retaining staff.

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In periods of change, giving employees a voice and a mechanism to be heard can help them understand their employer’s and the business’s direction.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Firstly you need to look after your staff. It’s important to have check-in calls with them to see how they’re doing. You should agree how often, how and when to contact with them. Depending on how long they’re likely to be off work, you may need to seek advice from an occupational health specialist. We can help with this process so that you can best support your staff member back to work, or help guide you through the process if that’s not possible.

Times can get tough in business and sometimes you have to make difficult decisions to reduce staff numbers. It’s really important to get the process right as if you don’t, you could face claims for unfair dismissal or discrimination. We can help you with everything from briefing notes, invite and outcome letters to handling the consultation meetings for you. We also make sure that the process is treated sensitively as it’s difficult for your staff as well. For staff who have been with you for more than 2 years, they will be entitled to a redundancy payment. We can calculate this for you so that you have all the facts and figures to make informed decisions.

Honesty is always the best policy. If you aren’t able to offer pay-rises, bonuses or commission, then tell your team. Times have changed and it’s not all about the bottom line anymore. Employees are looking at flexibility, well-being and a work-life balance. We can help you look at other ways to keep your team happy without costing you the earth.

Having policies in place so staff know what’s expected of them is the first point. Also, having a grievance policy so if your team is unhappy, they know what they can do to try to resolve the issues.

Why Us?

We are a strong, independent voice that provides concise, assured advice. We support your team to feel enabled to deal with whatever circumstance arises, and they will then have the best legal advice and tools to deal with it. We are flexible and reactive to your day-to-day needs, helping you take a measured approach to delivering your businesses’ strategic ambitions.

With decades of experience, we customise our skill sets to progress your business’s development, provide the framework for your HR structural requirements, and nurture the talent and culture your business needs to deliver a personalised, bespoke strategy to achieve your goals.

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