Disciplinary and Grievances

Even when you’ve taken all the right steps and done your best to navigate the challenges of HR, sometimes the employer/employee relationship isn’t as smooth as you might like. Every person is different, and sometimes issues will inevitably crop up. That’s why policies are important, so both sides know where they stand if the road gets rocky.

No one enjoys disciplinaries or grievances, but if you have a clear process, both parties will know exactly what to expect.

Hybrid HR & Employment will help you get those processes right and offer specific guidance when an issue arises.

Frequently Asked Questions.

Typically, we meet each week for the first period of work or until we resolve the most pressing issues within your business. Once we establish a plan we usually meet each month to ensure you’re on track. Each quarter we will have take some more time to set targets and assess the previous quarter.

Why Us?

We are a strong, independent voice that provides concise, assured advice. We support your team to feel enabled to deal with whatever circumstance arises, and they have the best legal advice and tools to deal with it. We are flexible and reactive to your day-to-day needs, helping you take a measured approach to delivering your businesses’ strategic ambitions.

With decades of experience, we customise our skill sets to progress your business’s development, provide the framework for your HR structural requirements, and nurture the talent and culture your business needs to deliver a personalised, bespoke strategy to achieve your goals.

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